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At Your Service Techs has 23 years experience in computer repair, networking, and security camera installation and repair. We’ve been the valley’s mobile IT department since 2006. Give us a chance to become your personal IT department… Are you frustrated with your computer? Are you hesitant to get it fixed because of high repair costs and technicians that talk down to you? Having computer issues can be frustrating. We understand your needs and will have you up and running quickly, safely, and securely with no hassles. We guarantee it. We offer consulting, purchasing, and installation services to ensure you get exactly what you want and how you want it. Before you invest in your home or small business, give us a call for some advice. We have 23 years of experience. Our staff is ready to handle your computer, networking, and home theater needs.


Computer Repair

We’re not geeks, just certified technicians trained and experienced in repairing your everyday computer problems. Most PCs are built to last 10 years, with upgrade options that can improve speed over the years, but there’s a point where your investment should be spent on new equipment. Slowdowns, lockups, freezes and crashes, blue screens, auto-boots, clicking sounds and vibrations can be indicators of hardware failure, but they can also be virus- or software-related. We revitalize your PC, old or new, so you’re back to work (or play) quickly, safely, and securely with no hassles.


Business Networking

We specialize in small to medium-sized businesses. We can help you spend and save where you should. Balancing frugality and necessary spending can be challenging. At Your Service Techs understands what equipment you need and is able to tailor it to your networking and communications needs. Let’s save you some money– not just today, but from now on. We can help you upgrade and downgrade where you should. Maximize your efficiency while cutting out futile spending is our motto. Make us your IT department, and we’ll make that your IT model as well. IT never makes you money. IT (information technology) can only make you money indirectly by saving it with automation, preventative maintenenance, and data protection. We understand that there are many IT service providers out there, therefore we strive to provide the best customer service available. Our technicians are vested in the company, and their greatest concern is keeping you, our customer– our employer, not just satisfied, but completely amazed and surprised by our honesty and great service. Relax.. We come to you (or connect remotely and fix you right away)


We service the entire Valley

We are a full-service mobile IT Company that services the entire Phoenix Metropolitan Area. We've been servicing the Valley of the Sun for over 10 years!!

Call us today at 602-232-6060, no matter where you are, to setup an appointment for a no-obligation consultation.

Relax...  we come to YOU

You're paying too much for remote IT Services

Pay Less for Remote Support

Are you paying too much for remote support..? Tired of technicians talking down to you. At Your Service Techs offers immediate affordable remote IT services

Security Cameras

Pay less for expert security camera design, installation, and repair from At Your Service Techs. We can install any over-the-counter DVR or NVR kit, and/or we have select vendors in the valley that can provide an instant solution for your surveillance needs.