At Your Service Techs has 20 years experience in computer repair and networking. We've been the valley's mobile IT department since 2006.

We're not geeks, just certified technicians trained and experienced in repairing your everyday computer problems.

Computer problems are a fact of life. It is common knowledge that PCs (personal computers) will eventually crash and burn, but most PCs are built to last at least 10 years, with "open" upgrade capabilities that can improve memory and CPU speed. However, most warranties are for no more than two years and by then performance speed has likely slowed down.

Slowdowns, lockups, freezes and crashes, blue screens and auto-boots, and clicking sounds and vibrations can be indicators of hardware failure, but they can simply be virus- or software-related. We can revitalize your PC, old or new, so you're back to work (or play) quickly, safely, and securely with no hassles.