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Security Camera System Types

The Biggest consideration when choosing a system, or especially when upgrading or replacing a current system, is the type of cabling used.  IP-based digital cameras and NVRs utilize networking cabling for connection. HD-analog cameras & DVRs utilize coaxial cabling (RG59 or RG6), but can also be connected via Ethernet cabling with the use of adapters known as video baluns (balanced signal at transmitting end, and unbalanced at receiving end).


The biggest difference that stands out to most consumers when comparing Digital Video Recording (to DVR) vs Network Video Recording (to NVR) is the cost.  Analog systems (DVR) can cost significantly less than IP-based (NVR) systems, mostly due to the complexity/cost of the IP cameras themselves.  Analog cameras are less-intelligent than their IP counterparts.

IP cameras are smart, with a computer essentially built-into them, so they can be controlled, configured, viewed, and often set to record and playback video directly from the camera, without the use of an NVR or DVR.  IP cameras can offer advanced features & analytics that can be used to process attributes of captured video, such as license plate recognition, people counting, unattended object detection (airport security), crowd detection, facial recognition, building access control, thermal recognition, etc.  The list possibilities are endless, and straight from a futuristic movie.

Analog (dumb) cameras are still a technological advancement, but lack the complexity and flexibility of IP-based (smart) cameras.  The biggest advantages to Analog/DVR-based systems are lower cost and less-complicated setup/maintenance.